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Environmentally friendly electric bike development opportunities

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 29, 2018

With the rapid economic development, the development of major cities in China is also changing with each passing day. In a short period of time, various cities have shown signs of prosperity. At the same time, the emergence of eco-friendly electric bicycles has become a more intuitive manifestation of urbanization as a vehicle for urban travel. So far, environmentally friendly electric bike are still the preferred means of transport for many nationals traveling on a daily basis.


From the street settings in major cities, it can be seen that there are spacious non-motorized lanes almost on both sides of the city's main street. And on both sides of the pavement will often leave green parking for electric bicycles. From the market to analyze the sales in recent years, a variety of domestic sales of electric bicycles is very optimistic. More and more consumers are aware that while cars are a symbol of affluence, the problems of rising oil prices, the shortage of parking spaces and traffic jams bring with them a series of puzzles and expenses.


Especially with the widespread concern of people on environmental protection, such as PM2.5, not only make people fully aware of the serious environmental pollution in cities in China, but also raised the issue of environmental considerations. Therefore, the green travel of environmentally friendly electric bicycles more and more people's attention, and gradually evolved into the preferred choice of low-carbon travel.


In short, among many modes of transportation, environmentally friendly electric bike stand out by their particularity and the combination of electric technology and bicycles. Especially for urban travel, the car is not only more flexible and convenient, but also can effectively avoid the congestion problem.


More importantly, under the general trend of clean energy, the production technology of domestic environmentally-friendly electric bicycles has been significantly improved in recent years, and it has taken the lead in forming a large-scale production capacity and a solid market with huge market potential. This shows that the future development of environmentally friendly electric bicycle industry clearly belongs to a huge opportunity.

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