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Electric Mountain Bike Parts of The Brakes and Tire Maintenance

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 19, 2017

Electric mountain bike, like electric folding bicycle, are also products that are different from ordinary electric bicycles. If the electric folding bike features its foldability, the uniqueness of an electric mountain bike is that it can satisfy the harsh road conditions such as mountain roads The driving requirements.

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Taking into account the electric mountain bike usually driving the environment is relatively poor, so it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of each of its components, especially its braking system and tires, which are to protect the safe mountain bike safe driving the key.
Once the electric mountain bike hand brake is not working, it is necessary to adjust the front and rear hand brake line of the joint parts of the adjustment bolts; at the same time regularly check the electric mountain bike brake oil tank fuel, if the oil less than 1 / Must be refueled immediately so that it always has sufficient fuel.
If after a long time driving, electric mountain bike brake soft or brake is not working, then need to timely adjust the brake clearance and discharge of the brake pipe air; and on the electric mountain bike brake deviation can be adjusted by the brake brake shoe The gap between the sheet and the brake drum is improved.
Before driving the electric mountain bike, be sure to always check the tire pressure, and timely according to the tire pressure standard for tire inflation. Inflate to gradually, until the required pressure so far. In addition to the pressure, the wheels and spokes of the electric mountain bike tires are also the standard of inspection. The purpose is to observe whether the surface has any defects such as cracks, depressions and deformations. If the tire is damaged, it must be replaced in a timely manner.
In addition, electric mountain bike tires on the nut is also indispensable, but also must keep tight, h generally tighten the torque force control in the 60 ~ 80N.m. In order to make electric mountain bike tire wear evenly, to extend the service life of the tire, is strictly prohibited overloading.

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