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Electric Folding Bike Folding and Basic Configuration

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 18, 2017

Electric folding bike as the name suggests is an electric bike can be folded, so it is compared to ordinary electric bike, with a small size, light weight and easy to store the characteristics. We are curious about the electric folding bike basic configuration and folding methods, these two aspects of what is unique?

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Electric folding bike after folding, the size of the entire vehicle is even smaller, and there are three main aspects of folding, respectively, horizontal, vertical and M-type. If the comparison is made from the aspects of folding speed, effort and simplicity, it is found that the M-mode is more desirable.
As an ultra-light type of electric folding bike, although different from the general electric bicycles, but their configuration is basically similar, are using a good material and sophisticated manufacturing process made of. From the material point of view, electric folding bike is made of magnesium alloy and other special light material, making the vehicle weight is very light.
From its structure, electric folding bike is also used in lithium batteries and high-speed tooth motor, and equipped with a bright night light, USB charging function. Electric folding bike in the liquid 5-speed torque transmission, speed up to 30 km per hour.
Other aspects of the electric folding bike before and after the disc brake, GPS positioning system, WeChat check car, the vehicle one molding and other characteristics, which are ordinary electric car or folding bike can not match. For now, electric folding automatic car with its energy saving, scalable folding, fast disassembly features, has been gradually popular in the consumer groups.

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