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Electric bicycle with CE approved riding comfort and craftsmanship

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 26, 2018

To a certain extent, Electric bicycle with CE approveds need to apply computer and microelectronics technology more widely in electric bicycle product design, mold processing and production processes, continuously improve production automation and improve production technology. The system enhances the technological content of products, forms technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights, and continues to maintain a leading position in the world of electric bicycle technology.


Electric bicycle with CE approveds need to strengthen the research on charging technology, and greatly improve their charging performance to a certain extent, effectively extending the battery life. According to relevant experts, 80% of the damaged batteries on the market are inferior chargers. Filled up. China's existing high-tech companies began research in this area, changing the conventional charging to variable amplitude pulse and digital control technology, effectively controlling the water loss of the battery during the charging process, ensuring the balance of charging and improving the service life of the battery.


Electric bicycle with CE approveds should be adjusted to the height of the saddle and handlebar before use to ensure the comfort of riding and reduce fatigue. The height of the saddle and the handlebars should vary from person to person. Generally, the height of the saddle is suitable for the rider to be able to reliably land on one foot (the whole vehicle should be kept upright), and the height of the handlebar is laid flat on the cyclist's arm. Relax with your arms. However, the adjustment of the saddle and the handlebar should first ensure that the pipe and the insertion depth of the riser must be higher than the safety mark line.

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