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Electric Bicycle Bicycle Charging and Maintenance and Precautions

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 12, 2018

On the basis of the common small car, the electric bicycle is effectively equipped with the operating parts and display instruments such as the motor, the battery, the controller, the handle and the brake handle, etc. System of Mechatronic transport. Charge the battery before use.

The use of electric moped bikes during the winter will feel the continued decline in mileage, which is a very normal phenomenon, mainly because of low battery charge acceptance in low temperature environment, the electrolyte viscosity increases, the electrochemical reaction resistance increases, The result is a drop in battery capacity. Therefore, consumers should avoid using the electric car outdoors in the night or in low temperature environment when charging in winter.

Electric Bicycle Bicycle charging and maintenance

1, the newly purchased electric car before use to charge the battery, because the battery from the factory to the loading and then to consumers in your hands there is a turnaround, during the turnaround due to self-discharge of the battery capacity will lead to this The battery must be charged with the car charger until it is sufficient. Newly purchased batteries are also empathetic.

2. Bicycle electric bicycle when not in use for a long time must be fully charged before storing the battery, and the battery must be recharged once a month to avoid the battery due to long-term power shortage caused by the storage battery sulfate plate Leaving the capacity down or even scrapped.

Electric Bicycle Bicycle Precautions

1 to avoid exposure to hot sun.

2. Strict prohibition of charging in high temperature environment.

3. Avoid charging immediately after driving at high temperature, to prevent charging time is too long (about 8 hours normal).

4 battery charging power box hot or not turn green light, should be promptly to the battery store or the company after-sales service outlets on the battery or charger for testing and maintenance.

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