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Design Advantages and Innovative Requirements of Electric assist bike

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 25, 2017

The body of the electric assist bike is very clean and simple, not only in the design process alone to add a motor on the bike, electric auxiliary bike has a lot of innovative places, such as in the visual external control panel can be directly simple and intuitive Show all the features of its vehicle.

Electric assist bike frame in the process of making the main use of its aluminum alloy processing, smooth welding technology, the bottom of the battery, within the cable design, 700c, conical head tube, X12 cylinder shaft standard, the vehicle fork Use custom aluminum alloy and conical head tube

Electric assist bike sets of effective use of ergonomic XCT, lockable sets of vehicles, front and rear brake custom e-bike Formula R1 hydraulic disc brake, 180 mm disc, brake handle with Formula aluminum alloy, pedal Remove the flat pin, 9/16 inch.

Electric assist bike due to the need to match the battery, in the design process of its special shape of the head tube and the bottom of the battery with aluminum alloy frame high strength and stability, the entire device built-in battery does not affect its  appearance of the vehicle, in addition to the car is also equipped with the back of the market now the best high-brightness LED taillights, is definitely not so simple decoration.

The battery of the electric assist bike plus the rear suspension motor can provide a maximum speed of 45 road / hour ride speed, the bright spot is the motor installed directly in the rear of the frame, the weight is very light, but also reduces the number of installed motor needs Of the accessories. The vehicle integrates an electronic operating system that can control the various functions of a vehicle. But also display the brake, variable speed and other vehicles of their own information.

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