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Daily maintenance tips of the electric pedal assist bike

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 08, 2017

It 's getting colder and colder, users who ride the electric pedal assist bike everyday need to properly maintain the bike. First of all, we should develop a good habit of regular charging in peacetime, but also pay attention to some details of riding methods and daily maintenance of the electric pedal assist bike.


One problem that many users are concerned about is how to save more power when riding electric pedal assist bike everyday. In fact, a driving speed of about 20 kilometers per hour is the optimal output voltage considering from the safe driving test. That is, driving at this speed will save electricity. In addition, when starting at zero speed, it is recommended that you use the pedal booster first, and then use the motor to generate electricity at the belt speed, which can also save electricity.


In addition, in the driving process, the vehicle should gradually accelerate. Pay attention to choosing flat road to drive as much as possible, reduce the bump. Avoid emergency braking as much as possible during driving, thus extending the battery life and motor life of the electric pedal assist bike. In general, the most effective way to save electricity is to people drive the vehicle and the electricity helps the people travel.


Not only that, attention must also be paid to the charging of the electric pedal assist bike. Usually, after use, it should be charged in time, don 't put in a state of no electricity for a long time, lest the battery plate vitriolization phenomenon. When the charging indicator green light is on, it means that the battery can be used or is substantially fully charged. But it is not 100 % at this time, so it can continue float charge for a while.


In short, we also need to maintain our love car during the day-to-day use of the electric pedal assist bike. Your concern can help the electric pedal assist bike have longer service life. You know, it can provide convenience for our travel. Doing maintenance will make it more durable.

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