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Correctly purchase European-style design of electric bicycles

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 28, 2019

When purchasing a European-designed electric bicycle, the first thing to look at is the details. The screw is a small part that uses more than one. It can distinguish the quality from the color. The high-quality screws are silver and green. The inferior screws are yellow and white. In addition, like front mud tiles, plastic lamps and meters, car locks, hinges, battery compartments, pressure plates, etc., should be carefully examined.


Next, look at the frame, the key to the frame is the thickness of the pipe. The tubing used for a good frame is generally moderately thick, but the thickness is much thicker than the frame that looks bigger on the outside. There is a hole in the bottom of the frame to facilitate the outflow of liquid during pickling phosphating. Through the drilling, the thickness of the pipe wall can be seen, the wall of the high-quality frame is thin, the weight is light, and the weight difference between the frame and the inferior frame is large.


In addition, it is to look at the shock absorber system of the European-designed electric bicycle: it can be judged by two points, the front fork sleeve shock absorber and the rear leaf spring shock absorber. The high-quality front fork sleeve shock absorber is hydraulically shock-absorbing, the inner cylinder is multi-stage chrome-plated, and the surface is bright and smooth; the outer cylinder is made of polished aluminum. The number of high-quality leaf springs is four to five, and the width is increased. Inferior leaf springs are generally three pieces with a narrow width.


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