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CE Certified Electric Bicycle

Aigeni Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 09, 2017

There have two situations for CE certified electric bicycle.Firstly,CE certified for whole electric bicycle;secondly,CE certified for the electric bicycle main parts.For example,the motor,battery,charger,controller and so no. All of our electric bicycle main parts all have CE certified .
CE (European Conformity)certified is an safety test guarantee ,not for quality .The most important things for electric bicycle is the electric components,must meet EMC(Electric Magnetic Compatibility) test ,old new stock ,means the magnetism of the electric components will do not effect other electric things or metal which on around ,at the mean while , the electric components also do not be influenced by other electric things or metal. Some of customers have fit cardiac pacemaker or other things which have magnetism or metal, so it’s very important.

CE certified electric bicycle.png

CE certified electric bicycle.png

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